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Teaser - Ellie & Billy Scherr 6.7.19

Jenna & Cole Breuer / 12/15/18


Jay did a great job capturing our wedding! The videos are great quality and showcase our big day perfectly. I couldn’t have asked for a better videographer!!
— Jenna Breuer
Jay does amazing work! He is extremely professional and very dedicated to the filming of your event. He did our wedding and spent the entire day with us to ensure he got the best shots! He had our video done before we got back from our honeymoon!! Our video turned out beautifully. We are so happy to have the video to look back on for years to come! We couldn’t be happier!
— Allison Scherer

Allison & Nick Scherer / 9/22/18

Services, Packages, Pricing

I offer different wedding video services and packages that suit a wide variety of requests. If you are looking for just video of the ceremony, I can do that. If you are looking for a massive wedding package that offers several videos, second shooters, different media forms, and more, I can also do that.

 Services & Packages: Price & Summary Rundown

Basic Services

  • I: Ceremony video: $500

    • 20-60 Minute Ceremony Video

  • II: Reception video: $300 to $800

    • 3-15 Minute Reception + Reception Toasts Video


  • Premium Wedding Video Package: $1,650

    • 5+ Minute Cinematic Wedding Video

    • Special Offer: 20-60 Minute Ceremony Video ($200) (Save $300)

    • Special Offer: 3-15 Minute Reception Video ($200) (Save up to $600)

  • Deluxe Wedding Package: $2,650

    • 10+ Minute Cinematic Wedding Video

    • Includes 20-60 Minute Ceremony Video

    • Includes 3-15 Minute Reception Video

    • Includes An Additional Videographer

    • Two Choices of Delivered Media: USB, Online, DVD, or Blu Ray

    • Did I remember to say a 10 minute cinematic wedding video?? Unheard of in the wedding industry.

Diving into the specifics of each service & package



Seeing you two on your wedding day is incredibly heartwarming. The fire between you both brings me so much joy. Love is the most powerful emotion we feel, and when I can capture that in motion, nothing makes me happier than giving you guys those moments for a lifetime.
— Jay

I’m Jay Eberhardt. Based out of a cute, Southern Wisconsin village known as Mount Horeb, I’ve grown up here for the better part of 27 years. I’m 6’7’’ and proud to say that I’m a better volleyball player than a basketball player. From Nursing to I.T., I’ve taken classes & worked in similar fields with the idea of having a career in one of those professions. Nothing really felt right for me. However, there always has been one thing that clicked. That was video.

I’ve repurposed the childhood hobby of video making. I had loved creating videos of games I use to play on my computer. These videos ranged from in-game “how-to’s” to montages of exciting clips. A big shift in the content that I created occurred when I bought a mirrorless camera. With this new gear, I began to create real-life, meaningful videos. Filming bands, skiers, snowboarders, festivals, local businesses, I had so many available avenues of video creation. One hot July day, I decided to combine all the bits & pieces of video I’d recorded through the last four seasons. I stitched up clips from the local ski area, annual frolic, parade, and even things as simple as our lovely Norwegian-painted water tower. Editing throughout the night and into the morning, I finalized an amazing one-minute video of this beautiful village I call home. I named the video “This Is Mt. Horeb”. How original!!! So, I uploaded it to Facebook that morning, July 5th, 2018, at 2:13AM. I made sure to share it with many of the businesses, people, and events involved. Overnight, it had gone locally viral, hitting 22,000 in views and over 300 shares. Although Mt. Horeb is home to only ~7,000, being able to reach over three times its population was quite humbling. People were tagging friends, reminiscing their childhoods growing up together here. Others were saying I did the impossible by making Mt. Horeb look like an exciting place. I laughed pretty hard at that one. Briefly bringing so many people together across the U.S. that have ties back in Mt. Horeb was profound. It wasn’t until then I realized that film-making was more than just a hobby

Not only did I realize it, but so did Allison Scherer, a cousin out of Two Rivers, WI. She was having a wedding in September and asked if I’d like to film it to see whether that’s an avenue I’d like to explore. After some thinking whether this is an avenue I should even consider, my reaction was more of a 'Sure! I'll give it a shot!'. It went incredibly well & they absolutely loved it. Despite never giving wedding film-making any prior consideration, I decided to turn this into a career. You guys are what make filming weddings so beautifully rewarding. They say to surround yourself with positive, joyful people, and being a part of a wedding is exactly that. Everyone is here to celebrate your commitment for one another. It’s incredibly humbling to be asked to film your wedding. I’d be honored to join you guys in your wedding and make the most magnificent video you could imagine. I love doing this, and it’s you guys that make Wedding Videography the best job in the world for me.


Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or voice any concerns. I’m more than happy to help you!


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